Day 65

I'm excited--after three weeks of tinkering, I've finally finished the tracklist of my "Dreary Autumn" (aka "Holding Hands w/ Summer and Winter") mix CD. Here's what I have:

(It's on a CD, sure, but I've divided it up into Side A & B for thematic purposes.)

Side A
1. "Rainy Streets," by Superchunk
2. "A New England," by Billy Bragg
3. "Ariel Ramirez," by Richard Buckner
4. "Crying in the Rain," by Rockpile
5. "So Fair," by Rachel Zylstra
6. "Powder," by Bedhead
7. "Jams Run Free," by Sonic Youth
8. "Hymn Beneath the Palisades," by Early Day Miners

Side B
1. "My Baby Blue," by John Hiatt (& the Goners)
2. "California Stars," by Wilco & Billy Bragg
3. "Friend of the Night," by Mogwai
4. "18," by the New Year
5. "Evie's Garden," by Freedy Johnston
6. "The Righteous Shall Destroy the Precious," by Dolorean
7. "In the Fall," by Dolorean

I'm excited. If you haven't heard of most of these folks, don't feel bad. Maybe you can give it a spin and then you'll know about them.

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At 12:27 AM, Blogger Big Al said...

Is there any way that I can hold hands with Summer and Winter? and how?

At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

can I join Al? you know... in that hand holding biznat.


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