Day 64

Yeah yeah, late 'blog post because a Blogger server outage.

The NaNoWriMo challege is getting hard; not for any writing reason, honestly, but because some of these days I'm working 14 to 15 hours in a day. So when I get up, or when I come home, I can barely keep my eyes open. I was hoping to keep ahead a bit each day (like, write 1800 words instead of the 1667 a day I needed to make the goal). Now, I'm writing less than I need.

I think, on the days when I don't have to work, I'm going to just sit down and write a bunch. Still, I just passed the 10,000 word point; that's more than I've ever commited to paper. I really feel like I'm accomplishing something with this.

posted, with grace and poise, by Jason @ 11/09/2006 12:27:00 AM,


At 12:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

man, 10,000 already? still definitely going strong. i think you'll deffinitely surpass what you need to get the story out.


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