Day 54

This morning we gained an hour. "Fall Back," Daylight Savings. Some people forget and show up places early.

I set my alarm clock back. I use a manual travel clock, if only because it doesn't have a snooze button that I could abuse. While setting it, I noticed that the main clock in my room--the digital one that's easy to see from any spot in the room--was blinking. I hadn't set it since the power last went out. That was over a month ago.

And I thought, "I'm not going to set it."

One of my goals is to stop letting clocks rule my life. Being timely is important, especially when you're in a position where others depend on you. Providing a ride, getting to work on time; these are all important things.

But it's too easy to look at a clock and think, "Oh, it's such and such time, I need to be more productive," or "I should make sure to run at 7 so I can catch the news and then read the Bible for 15 minutes before I go to bed and get 6.5 hours of sleep."

I'm not demonizing this behavior; I've done it. But sometimes I wonder if we pay too much attention to the clock and not enough attention to, well, anything else. Things to ponder.

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At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

today the sermon was on Solitude. I love how the pastor gets the message across every sunday. It's been a long time since i've seen someone so passionate for their topic.

But yeah, talking about time made me think about how he brought up how we busy ourselves so much. We barely give ourselves time to talk to God. Let alone give God time to talk to us.

At 7:01 PM, Blogger Qere Ketiv said...

Have you ever noticed how divorced our concept of time is from the "natural" world? Whether it was the invention of the clock or candles or the incandescent light bulb, our intimedness goes to its own beat. I'm always reminded of that passage in Genesis 1 where it says that the sun and moon are given for "times and seasons and years, etc."

I think of how our educational calendars seem so out of whack and everyone is always so beat up and tired by the end of the semester (at least the Fall term). I think of how we rarely do anything different at our workplaces, even though the seasons change and daylight gets either longer or shorter (except for farming, where the seasons do a lot more dictation).

In the Genesis passage, one of the things that I notice is that man is given dominion over all the Creation except the timers. Nowhere is he given authority over sun, moon, and stars. Significant? I'm not sure, but it is there and that leads me to believe it is important.


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