Day 265-- cycling at night

I've been biking around College Hill at night for the past week. While I've gone a few times by myself, I've had the most fun when I've gone with my friends Wendy and Brett.

We don't spread too far out--we mainly stick to College Hill, stretching from 29th St. to maybe 40th St. (whatever those blocks are that are past BCCS). We cross Route 18/4th Ave a fair bit. We have fun too, singing and high-fiving and racing each other. There isn't much traffic and the air is cool, running her fingers through my hair.

Biking around was a good way to wind down, especially after my botched attempt to bike to Wal-Mart in the early evening. I'm not sure why I decided to do that; I needed groceries, for one, but it might've been one of those I'll-do-something-crazy-and-try-to-feel-cool things I do from time to time. I probably should've bowed out before I even started; after mentioning to a friend that I was shaking in fear, she said maybe that means something.

I didn't want to go up 37th St. Ext. (a long, windy road that leads directly to Wal-Mart, but has LOTS of hills and blind spots), so I decided to try going up another set of longer, more indirect roads that would avoid some of the traffic. I think I made it maybe 1/3 of the way before my legs were quaking from over-exertion, and I had had enough close-calls with speeding drivers that I was literally terrified.

I turned the bike around and went home. I nearly passed out on the way back.

But it was fun in a weird way. I want to keep cycling at night, though, even if I'm not in any shape to bike to miles and miles up tall hills. Cycling at night is fun, and cycling at night is still a work-out. In a way, I think my ultimate goal is to use cycling to build up my stamina so I can actually run.

Maybe I'll just do both.

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At 4:35 AM, Blogger Lady Insomnia said...

dude... as someone who hears a lot about bicycle safety -- I hope you have a good helmet and front & rear lights


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