Day 258-- I'm excited for November

The 21st, specifically. No Country for Old Men hits the screens on that day; it's the adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's novel by the Coen brothers. In other words, a film adaptation of a novel by one of my favorite authors by my favorite contemporary filmmakers. Whee!

While there is still quite some time before it shows in American theaters, it's an official selection at the Cannes Film Festival. As of now, it's the film to beat:

The good reports just keep rolling in.

Here are five clips on a French website. (With French subtitles, just in case you want to read them.)

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At 9:41 AM, Blogger Ian said...

I know nothing about this book, but I just watched two of the five clips and I'm absolutely hooked. I do have an affinity toward the Coen Bro's, however. "O Brother...' is probably my favorite movie ever.



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