Day 263-- Happy birthday, John Wayne

Had he not died of stomach cancer in 1979, John Wayne (born Marion Morrison) would've been 100 years old today.

Though a knucklehead off of the screen, Wayne--the actor Wayne--had a profound impact on me growing up. Still does, in some ways. Two of my top ten favorite films have Wayne in a leading role (She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, both amazing films). He certainly did his share of terrible films (the Conqueror!), Wayne played some fine roles in his career.

So here are a few John Wayne clips:

(the ending of the Searchers...probably one of the most poignant endings in film history)

(Fun clip of Dean Martin and Wayne--who had both acted together in numerous films--having fun on a variety show.)

(And here's a fairly well-edited collection of scenes from the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, to the tune of Gene Pitney's song of the same name. Interestingly, the song doesn't appear in the movie. Great film, though; a great commentary on the nature of truth set to a complex and entertaining movie.)

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