Day 255-- Sleep All Summer

I finished my breezy summer mix CD! I can't escape thematic elements, so I tried creating the entire selection of songs around a mild--possibly hot on occasion--summer day. The first few tracks were arranged to mimic a comforting sunrise, the last few a pleasant evening outside. The rest just sort of fell in place. A few (namely the Bedhead track and a few others) were chosen mostly for instrumental aspects and not necessarily lyrics.

Lots of the songs have "summer" in the title, but the rest just remind me of summer, with sun caressing my arms, wind brushing aside my hair. And yes, I still think of mix CDs with "sides."

Title: Sleep All Summer

Side A
1. "Either Way," Wilco
2. "Sunrise," Norah Jones
3. "Ain't That Enough," Teenage Fanclub
4. "Emaline," Ben Folds Five (fun fact: the only BF5 song with a guitar)
5. "My Summer Girl," the Rentals
6. "Felo De Se," Bedhead
7. "Summertime," the Fire Theft
8. "I'd Rather Dance With You," Kings of Convenience
9. "Quiet Town," Josh Rouse
10. "Orphan Girl," Gillian Welch

Side B
11. "Margaret vs. Pauline," Neko Case
12. "Ghost World," Aimee Mann
13. "Good-hearted Man," Tift Merritt
14. "It Must Be Summer," Fountains of Wayne
15. "Einstein on the Beach (For an Egghead)," Counting Crows
16. "Summer Teeth," Wilco
17. "Long Sweet Summer Night," the Thorns
18. "Comfort/Guilt," Early Day Miners
19. "Sleep All Summer," Crooked Fingers
20. "Solar System," Vigilantes of Love

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At 11:22 PM, Blogger Big Al said...

can i get a copy of this? or not...

At 11:06 AM, Blogger Big Al said...

I just realized that this comment could be taken multiple directions... What I wanted to say is I would love a copy of this mix... it sounds wonderful.


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