Day 257

I made a big decision today. OK, maybe not-so-big: I want to get more Ikea furniture. I already own a small bookshelf I got at Ikea last summer; I like it a lot. I also have a few odds-and-ends things around my place from Ikea. I just love their utilitarian, plain design. It's wonderful.

There's a big bookshelf at my old apartment that I had originally planned to move to my new place. But you know--I have a few friends who might be able to use it better (and, failing that, a soon-to-be-married brother who might be able to use it). I think all of these books still piled on my floor might have a new Ikea-furnished home soon.

posted, with grace and poise, by Jason @ 5/20/2007 11:56:00 PM,


At 12:42 AM, Blogger Russ said...


IKEA = dualism
Dualism = Bad

At 7:20 AM, Blogger Ian said...

Uh, oh, Russ. Now I'm going to have to risk some major conviction and ask "why IKEA=dualism?"; 'cause right now, for us, IKEA=personal interior decorator.


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