Day 42- filler post

What? I'm serious.

#1) Russ has a very thought-provoking post here; go read it, if you haven't already. It's good to see someone articulate this so well--I've thought about this for years, and in standard Jason fashion, my thoughts were rambling and not cohesive at all. Russ hits a home run.

#2) Despite my complete drop in support of Matador Records last year (due to a few choice comments they made), they're re-releasing two LPs from the much-missed band Chavez, all in one package. Chavez dropped just a few discs before disbanding in the late '90s. They made some really interesting music, and frontman Matt Sweeney gained some attention for his short-lived stint in the Billy Corgan train wreck Zwan. If you're like me and can't really afford to buy music, dig on these two streamed MP3s from the band, both from their final album Ride the Fader: "The Guard Attacks" / "Unreal is Here." If you just want to watch the twistedly funny video for "Unreal is Here," just click the link.

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