#16- Sloan

The past few days have been fairly busy, and tomorrow even more so. I haven't had much time to prepare a topic for today, so I'll just link some Sloan videos. Sloan is one of those bands that really make me want to form a band; they've been around for what seems like forever, have a zillion albums (all of them good), and a near-psychotic fanbase made up entirely of Canadians. Plus, they're all multi-instrumentalists, and all write and sing on their own songs.

That's "Losing California." The sound and video are not synced together, sadly.

That's the band wandering around the Canadian BMG offices. Hi-lar-ious.

That's "Rest of My Life."

This is a brief interview and live performance of "Nothing Left to Make Me Want to Stay."

Man, I love this band.

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At 12:08 PM, Blogger Sara Z. said...

I only discovered Sloan a couple of months ago, through a writer friend who knew the band peripherally. The greatest hits CD was my first purchase - am loving it.


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