Day 269-- how I came up with an idea to write an essay

All of the following thoughts are connected, I promise.

In my quest to get some free stuff, I signed up for a month-long trial of Blockbuster's online rental service. And I thought, "Hey, I have this for a month. I should use it."

So I started browsing through the DVDs listed on the site; like the more well-known NetFlix, you can have your rentals sent to your door in a matter of days, with little turn-around time 'til the next one comes. I'm canceling soon, I thought. Might as well make the most of it.

I ended up looking at John Ford films. Noticing a few that I've not seen (Sergeant Rutledge and Cheyenne Autumn, to be precise), it occurred to me that Ford's films--while incredibly entertaining--have a heavy streak of social justice and compassion to them. Even some of his more well-known and well-regarded movies, like She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, the Searchers, the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and the adaptation of Steinbeck's the Grapes of Wrath all have elements that question the status quo, seek redemption and forgiveness. And when I was little I just thought Ford did cool westerns.

That said, I might take advantage of this DVD-renting for a month and write an essay on the Ford/social justice thing. Maybe Comment will take it? Who knows--it'll be fun regardless.

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