Day 236

Three boxes, now. Plus a big travel bag I borrowed. I'm moving all of my possessions (and a few that aren't mine) to my new place, and my means of carrying things are limited in an almost-charming way.

But after one trip I decided that the packing, the unpacking, the moving, the sorting, the just tuckers me out.

I probably could've done more ahead of time. I'm moving in--for real moving in--on Tuesday, and I just toted my DVDs and several boxes of books over. Still on the list--more books, my CDs, my computer, my clothing, all of the odds-and-ends things, my bookshelves and chairs. With the storage and transportation I have, this'll take probably four trips. Except for the bookshelf--that will require something other than an aging Toyota Corolla to move.

But as much as I look forward to reorganizing everything, I still dread the next few days. I think it might be because I'm worried that there will be a repeat of the last five months, housing-wise at least. Or I while I officially start "living" in my new place on Tuesday, I'll still have to linger around the old place for the next week.

And I know the solution: stop worrying and trust in the Lord. I pray that I may.

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