Day 234-- what is HAPPENING to me? (music edition!)

I think I built up this reputation in college as Mr. Hip. I twisted arms and was eager to get people to listen to what I wanted them to listen to--especially the poor, poor Cabinet audience that had to endure what I dished out for four years. I amassed this ridiculous collection of CDs that neared 700 at one point. I reveled in the hipster image, the elitist mindset.

I'd like to think I don't do that now. My taste has grown pretty eclectic, but in an inclusive way--I listen to lots of '60s pop music ("oldies"--will they still be oldies 30 years from now, when Smash Mouth is an oldies band?), lots of country, lots '80s radio rock (Tom Petty! Bruce Springsteen! Eddie Money!). I still like a few bands that many haven't heard of, but they're--literally--two bands that I've been listening to over and over for the past four months.
And I'm serious about the country; sure, there are songs I don't like on modern country radio, but an overwhelming number that I do like (I think I watched the cheesy-cute music video to Brad Paisley's "the World" at least 15 times in a row one day). And it's gotten to the point that when I do break away from listening to those two bands hyperlinked bands, I put on something heavily country-influenced. Vigilantes of Love, for instance, or the Jayhawks or Richard Buckner. I like steel guitars, fiddles and twangy vocals.

If anything, I've felt uncomfortable around the "indie rock" scene. I'm actually trying to distance myself from it. There are certain things I value in music, and I've decided not to let artificial boundaries stop me from enjoying or being challenged or humbled by something that isn't "hip."

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