Day 221-- five small things

I was washing dishes at work yesterday, anticipating the last swell of customers before we closed, when I thought of a few things--small, seemingly trivial things--that make me smile. In a Gideon Strauss-esque move, I thought it would be fun to list a few of them--especially since I don't consider the small things trivial in the least.

1) Waking up early in the morning, hearing the wind shake a few leaves off of a nearby tree, and taking in the different songs the birds offer. And this is when the sun is just edging over the lip of the horizon.

2) I frequently champion a novel (Gilead), but a few friends that've read it are indifferent or underwhelmed. I've met a few people in the past few weeks that love it as much as I do, and it actually makes me giddy.

3) I have a friend who is a very reasonable, very wise and very well-spoken. When she gets excited she takes on this inspired tone of voice, and her speech gallops along like the cliffhanger of a suspense film. It's wonderful.

4) One of my favorite things in music (pop music especially) is hearing discord drift in. Just enough to shake the song up a bit and enliven it before it resolves. I've always appreciated tension in music, and when it's in the context of a catchy song it can work wonders.

5) I love watching natural light filter into buildings. I have a tendency to not use houselights in the daytime; aside from the energy-conserving aspects, it's beautiful in nuanced ways. I could watch this sort of thing for hours.

These are just five that came to mind as I was writing this. What are five small things for you?

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At 12:02 AM, Blogger Eves37 said...

1) I got a note from a former coworker who I was realizing (just before receiving the note the same day) I'd sadly lost touch with.
2) Sugar-free jello is just as good as the real stuff, and as someone who really enjoys jello, this is a great thing.
3) My new old copy of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (thanks, Jason!) has the kind of pages where they're rough and uneven...and perfect.
4) While rinsing the salt off my car on a cold day, a four-year-old boy across the street pointed out to me--loudly, mind you, for all our neighbors to hear--that I was "gonna to scratch my car by doin' that." He was clearly quite an expert actually (and adorable).
5)Grandma's ancient cuckoo clock has been in the shop for several weeks, and something definitely doesn't seem quite right here at the house with it gone.

At 12:43 AM, Blogger Russ said...

1. The end of a long week: frustrating, joyful, hard, and all together Creational week.

2. Knowing that some things I've assured myself of are most certainly wrong.

3. My dog crouched and ready to play.

4. My baby's giddy smile when I appear from behind a book (separation anxiety does wonders for the ego).

5. Looking forward to starting all over again next week (similar to number 1).

At 11:26 AM, Blogger Christian said...

I am doing this more to be annoying than anything else:

1) Shaken Iced Green Tea with Mango Passion

2) Crosswords written for Monday through Friday

3) Sleeping ridiculously long hours, well, hours are always 60 minutes, but you know what I mean

4) Cleaning my room

5) Getting shot in the face by some gangster who thought you were worth it enough for his bullet, and bullets don't come for cheap.

Christian Eriksson


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