Day 211

One of the musical performers at the Festival of Faith and Music '07 was a woman named Neko Case. Neko has been playing music for a while, both as a solo artist and part of several bands. She is one of those artists that I never followed; can't keep track of them all, I guess.

Neko opened for Emmylou Harris for the Saturday night performance at FFM, and hear me--I am now paying attention.

See why:

I like her voice, and her songs bridge familiar folk-country roots with some innovative songwriting. And I love her voice! She also plays tenor guitar often in concert, making the music geek in me shiver in nerdiness.

Her entire 40-or-so minute set was stunning. As good as Emmylou and Sufjan and all of the other performers were, I think Neko's set will stand out the most.

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At 7:49 AM, Blogger Nick Ritenour said...

Wait, Neko Case is a Christian?
I loved her voice in the New Pornographers, so I got Fox Confessor Brings the Flood and borrowed her other CD's from a guy at work. She's a great singer, but I guess I never thought about her as a Christian.

At 8:05 AM, Blogger Jason said...

She isn't, actually--this was the first festival that had a speaker (Andrew Beaujon) and a musician (Neko) that weren't Christians. I think it was a good move; not only did they have good things to say from an outsider's perspective (especially Beaujon), but it also let the festival participants break out of their Christian kid safety bubble a bit.


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