Day 217-- sending out the messangers

As an echo to Russ's post, I wanted to spread the word about Gideon Strauss's 'blog. As the Strausster posted on his family 'blog,

Sadly, the server that hosts my blog seems to have crashed. With unexpected, quick, thorough help from John Barach I have salvaged the content. The plan is to relocate my blog on the Comment server. But it will take a month, since everyone is very busy on other projects. Thank you to Jeff S. for suggesting I mention the problem here - I was at a loss as to how I might notify people of this situation. Even this note will only reach some of my readers, I suppose ....

It'll be good to see Gideon back. He's one of my favorite 'bloggers, and an all-around great guy. So, be like Paul Revere (minus the Unitarian tendencies) and get the word out.

posted, with grace and poise, by Jason @ 4/10/2007 09:28:00 AM,


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