Day 214-- FFM, a week later

As promised, the Calvin student activities folks just unloaded a wealth of material from last week's '07 Festival of Faith and Music.

First are the MP3s of the workshops and keynotes. It's almost too much; since there were only four workshop slots and about 20 workshops altogether, I could only hit a fraction of them. It'll take a while to wade through all of these, especially since most of them are about 45 minutes or more. I did go to Josh Jackson's (Paste editor) and Andrew Beaujon's (journalist, editor, author of Body Piercing Saved My Life). Both were amazing. I was also at Kevin Erickson's, and it was excellent (he's also one of the Arts & Faith gang). The music criticism roundtable (w/ Jackson, Beaujon, Erickson, Adam Smith (Relevant editor) and Ben Squires ( was amazing, too. And of course, David Dark and Lauren Winner's keynotes were great; I just wish they posted Sufjan Steven's 'lecture,' a stunning--seriously convicting and encouraging--bit. Maybe they'll have it up soon!

Then there are the photos. They give a great idea of how energetic the festival was, even though half of them are of Neko Case waving a tambourine around.

And if you have Facebook, I'll probably post a few photos I found while poking around the Internet--one of them is of the most intense Scrabble game I've seen.

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