Day 197-- three-month goals

When I sat down with my (first) advisor during Geneva's summer preview in 1999, I should've settled on List Making as my major, instead of Computer Science (yes, I was--that's why I was at GC for five least I switched sooner than later). I probably could've added Not Finishing Lists as a minor later on, too.

Tendencies aside, I'm going to make another list. Lots of big things have happened since I moved to Beaver Falls three(ish) months ago, so I'm making a list of things I want to accomplish in three months. Doesn't hurt, does it?

  1. My novel; more accurately, my latest stab at a novel
    • Finish outline by the end of March
    • Get rough draft started and rolling by the end of June
  2. Lose 20 pounds by the end of June; I lost 20 by accident over the past few months, why not actually try?
    • Run, starting tomorrow--and by run I mean walk quickly and let atrophied legs get back into shape oh-so slowly
    • Eat better; I'm rarely hungry, despite a spartan diet, but I'm realizing eating a cookie and raspberry kolache for a day isn't exactly the best choice. More grapefruit, that's the solution.
  3. Pick up David Bazan at the airport on April 24th for his show at GC that day. ("Hey, I'm here to drive you to Beaver Falls...just letting you know that I'm probably going to not talk to you during the entire drive because I'm a fan and I've just become really shy. Hop in.")
  4. Schedule a performance at BFC&TCo., hopefully before the end of May, maybe even the end of April. What I want to do is still up in the air--I like the idea of folk arrangements of Motown tunes, but it's really been hard adapting them. I might just scrap it and do covers of a few tunes I like, maybe play with Charlie or Brett.
  5. Continue clearing out more CDs and DVDs--I've jettisoned 17 DVDs so far and around 53 CDs.
  6. Spend only cash. If I don't have cash for something, I won't buy it.
  7. Finish reading the rest of the Old Testament. I'm almost there.
  8. Finish reading 20 more books, either fiction or non, by the end of June.
  9. Go on a road trip somewhere. I've never done anything like this, ever. I yearn for fun like this, but sit quietly at home and wish I was doing it. Why not do it?
  10. Learn to sew better (I'm pretty shaky) and learn to either knit or crochet.
  11. Start babysitting small group (more on this in my next post), hopefully by the end of April.
  12. Write essay on cultural snubbing of graphic novels, maybe essay focusing on Watchmen. Submit it to Comment? Maybe.
  13. Hopefully [ verb ] for [ noun ] at [ specific noun ]. YES IT'S VAGUE.
  14. Make a perfect rose in a latte. I'm getting close.
  15. Most importantly, dedicate more time to prayer. I've grown a lot in this area since last summer, and I'm--literally--praying that I will grow more.
Lots of maybes. Lots of maybes I'm not listing. Maybe these maybes will shift into 'yes's?

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At 11:57 AM, Blogger Brandon Zangus said...

add..."Visit Jersey shore" to that list! (That can be your road tripper) wink

At 12:00 PM, Blogger Micah & Emily said...

Bazan at Geneva? Somebody is going to get hurt over this.


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