Day 184-- on why I write reviews and essays

Over the years, I've asked myself why I write. I never had a great answer; I'm not certain I do now. But I finally have some ideas, something to cling to.

I'm not a theologian. I'm not a great speaker, nor a great sociologist or debater. I can't remember loved ones' birthdays, verses of Scripture, to take cookies out of the oven or take phone messages. But I'm a cultural sponge, as much as I wish I wasn't.

With the things I read, or hear or watch or experience, I often see things I want to share with people. Sometimes big statements, more often than not little things--a wonderful turn of phrase, a ray of light hitting an actor just so, a key change that makes me weep. Little glimpses of the eternal. Even if the media is not created by a believer, sometimes there is Truth in art that holds a mirror up to our broken world, that urge toward a redeemed creation. This is why I write: I want the little things that whisper of Christ's sovereignty to grow in volume, and if a review or 'blog entry here and there can made one person nod and spread the word, more voices will join the chorus.

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At 8:33 AM, Blogger joeldaniel said...

hmm...can't think of what a better reason to write would be. i've thought about this over the time as well as i've been trying to get my thoughts on paper (or screen as it may be). and, as a late arrival to your blog scene, i'd say you do it rather well.


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