Day 175

Have you ever read a book and--from page one--been captivated by the author's prose? That's an experience I really enjoy! I bring this up because I'm reading a John Le Carré novel, and by the end of the first page I thought, "Wow, this man can write."

As I near the end, that opinion hasn't change. I think about other authors with whom I've had a similar experience--Cormac McCarthy, Herman Melville, Tim O'Brien, C.S. Lewis, Dave Eggers, Joseph O'Connor--and it makes me smile. And then there are the ones that grew on me--J.K. Rowling, James Joyce, Stanislaw Lem, Toni Morrison, Umberto Eco--and they also make me smile. And then I think of the ones that soured over time--Kurt Vonnegut, Elizabeth Kostovo--and I don't smile at all.

It is easy, for me at least, to get lost in the waves of a good novel, especially if it is the first time with that author. What are some authors that you liked right away (and maybe some others that grew on you over time, or ones that impressed you initially and then got annoying after a while)?

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At 12:24 AM, Blogger The Mad Fishicist said...

David James Duncan.
I don't know why I want you to read him so bad.
But make sure you do.


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