Day 166-- reflections from the weekend

Jubilee was good. Crazy, yes; but good nonetheless. I shan't talk about this aspect, but I was twice challenged this weekend, both regarding aspects of my life on which I thought I had a fair--if not firm--grasp. God can shake some things loose if He wants, I'm oft reminded.

1). I wasn't able to find much time to read this weekend (and when I did find time I ended up dozing off on couches or chairs in the hotel lobby). I did manage to read a few essays out of Flannery O'Connor's Mystery & Manners collection. Compiled from many of her writings after her death, Mystery & Manners is really wonderful. In three essays on fiction writing, O'Connor managed to completely deconstruct how I view my writing. Not a bad feat for someone that's been dead for almost half a century. I'm not questioning why I should be writing, since she had a very capital-T True concept of why a Christian should write, but I'm questioning the 'hows' quite a bit. Maybe more than quite a bit. And I've absolutely questioning some of my basic assumptions about writing. I'll probably be reflecting on this for a while.

2). Since I want to be involved heavily with coffee for the next few years (at the least), it was a shock to have the entire foundation I've built my learning upon uprooted and cast into the river, bobbing down the Ohio toward the Mississippi and the Gulf and then who knows where. A few Very Knowledgeable People were able to show the BFC&T Command Structure some things at Jubilee. Let's just say I have a lot of learning to do. But I'm so happy this happened! I want to be able to make the best coffee that I can, not only for the customers' sake, but for God as well. And darn it, if I need to relearn some things--no matter how seemingly trivial or drastic they may be--I shall do it.

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