Day 168

While watching TV shows on the Internet is not a new phenomenon, it is for me. After I showered this morning, I went downstairs to eat breakfast and read a bit. I then normally check my e-mail and poke around on some of the message boards/'blogs I frequent; in doing this, I saw Jack Bauer pointing a handgun at me from the corner of the screen, with menacing looking text commanding me to follow the link. I did.

I've been watching "24" since the first season (memories of D.J. Shirey and I shouting at the television in the Pearce lounge...ah), but I haven't been able to keep up with this show this year. Work and the like, you know the drill. So I've been catching up on episodes every few weeks at my folks' house as I visit. Not today.

Today I went to the MySpace page and watching the two recent episodes I missed. In widescreen. And it looked awesome. With no commercials. And to make it even better, the episodes were good. All of the scoffing and jeering I did regarding TV on the web is gone, replaced by a healthy--if not total--appreciation. I still want to do the little bit of TV watching I do on the television, but if it comes down to it I won't pass up the webified versions.

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At 10:30 AM, Blogger Qere Ketiv said...

You should still visit your parents, though...


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