Day 162-- on Christians, the arts, criticism, and a whole lot more

Not a lot to write on my part; this is going to turn into a linkfest shortly.

Here's the situation: one of the film critics that posts on the Arts & Faith forum recently reviewed the film the Last Sin Eater. The Last Sin Eater is based off of the book of the same name by Francine Rivers, a Christian novelist. I've not seen the film or read the novel, so I'll refrain from judging it.

The film critic, however, gave the movie a so-so review in his article for Christianity Today's online media hub. The filmmakers didn't like this. Director Michael Landon Jr. made some choice comments about the review on a Christian talk show. A producer sent a very snarky e-mail to the reviewer. And the radio show host is now posting--at least in my opinion--antagonistic comments on the reviewer's 'blog (as well as the 'blog of another critic and A&F poster).

The filmmakers and radio show host feel that the film and book should be above criticism because it delivers the gospel message (or, if not above criticism, above most criticism). The reviewers don't agree. The comments of the 'blogs are filled with some good dialogue about a Christian's role in the arts, the nature of art, and--though it's not explicitly named--common grace in regards to the arts. It's worth reading, especially if you're interested in how we're to express the eternal in film, literature, and so on.

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