Day 140-- some videos for you (Arcade Fire, Freedy Johnston, Marshall Crenshaw)

I found some fun videos. I want to share them with you, if you'll take a second to watch.

This first one is Marshall Crenshaw, one of my musical heroes, covering a Buddy Holly classic. He's accompanied by the awesome Dave Edmunds on guitar (to Marshall's right). If you want to see another great Crenshaw video, click here.

This video is from Freedy Johnston. I really like Freedy; he's definitely a songwriting hero, and someone other well-regarded songwriters really respect. He only had one minor hit ("Bad Reputation") but the dude hasn't written a bad song, ever.

This last video is from the Arcade Fire. I guess you can say people like them. Their new album, Neon Bible, comes out in March. I literally cannot wait. They're going on tour, and played a preview show at a high school in their native Canadian (a few of their members are graduates, I believe). I can't get the song--"Intervention"--out of my head. You can watch it again from a different angle:

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