Day 130-- on technology frustrations

I often get upset with technology; not in a "I wish it would work" sense (though I do), but more because of how dependant I am on some of it and what that causes when it doesn't work.

Example: I have a cell phone. I normally never have a problem with my cell phone. As things stand, it's cheaper for me to have a cell phone as my main form of communication over a land line. Today, my parents left me a voice mail--I thought it could be important, but I suddenly couldn't check it because 1) I was getting no signal for my phone, 2) when I did suddenly have a signal, I suddenly started roaming (a rarity, if that), and that costs money to check, and 3) because I couldn't check my voice mail, my phone kept sending me irritating messages EVERY MINUTE (I'm not kidding). So I eventually just shut my phone off.

I wish that--if I needed to talk to my parents--I could just walk home and talk to them. I can't, though, since doing that would occupy my entire day. Or, on the low-end tech scale, I could send them a letter, but that too wouldn't work if it were an emergency. I really hate how bound I am to some forms of technology. Guide me, Wendell.

PS--check out the great headline from Jeffrey Overstreet's movie column. Zing!

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