Day 131-- on "24" season 6 (part 1, I'm sure)

Was brutal, shocking, exciting--this didn't surprise me; "24" has been a consistently good show since I started watching it in 2001. Last season--the fifth--was probably the best, with basically no dips or momentary quality lapses that've hit the show in spots (especially during season 2, eiiieeeee). But wow, I was really surprised at how complex the show can get.

I don't mean in tech talk or plot-wise, but with moral complexity. The show has never lectured the audience, never said "this group here is bad, and this other group is good." What season 6 has done very well so far is show how blurry lines can get, how hard it can be to trust, how wrong out judgements can be. Character in "24" constantly have to choose to something bad or something even worse, the results sometimes far short of the good hoped.

The fact that season 6 is plainly showing that there are no easy rules that tie into dealing with evil, no guidelines that say "this group is bad" or "that person is good and that one isn't"--I really am blown away by this the most. And on a purely shock-based level, I'm also blown away by the fact that the show's creators got away with probably the most brutal eight seconds on network television (I'm sure typing "Jack Bauer neck bite" into YouTube will eventually yield something).

Here's season 6's trailer:

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