Day 83

Today was weird and wacky, much like a riotous birthday party held at Ground Round when you're seven. We did some training for the BFC&TCo. employees, which rocked. I drove to Butler to take the food safety course exam (we need that for the coffee shop), and that didn't rock. Especially since I was going 8 miles over the speedlimit, and people--everyone, I think--zipped by me at close to 30 miles over. Keep in mind that this is a two-lane state route with lots of traffic lights.

But in a way, the part of the day that sticks with me the most is what I did at the end. I drove to the Half-Price Books in Robinson Twp. to find some inexpensive books for Biffy, to provide reading material (and possibly buying material) for patrons. I found a nice stack of hardcovers in the clearance section, and got a great copy of one of my favorite books too. I was surprised at how shrewd I was in selecting books, too; I wanted several other books, but wouldn't settle for the askin' price. I thought about what was available, what I would like to see on a shelf, and so on. In a sense, I saw some of these questions drift away, to the future into distant, bright possibilities.

So it was a fun day, capped off with something that filled me with hope. But the best part was still training; I'm quite excited to see our staff learn. They're all great people, and I'm thankful and grateful that they even considered applying.

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At 11:36 AM, Blogger Big Al said...

I think it is a wonderful thing to be excited to train you staff. To really teach them an art form and have them want to be fully present! What a blessing that is few and far between.

Are you placing students' art work on the walls?

and are you guys officially open??
Sorry about the book deal...maybe that is something that will come more in time...either way I think it is a wonderful wonderful idea!

have you picked up five smooth stones yet?

At 12:06 PM, Blogger James said...

Just finished reading the Wikipedia 'Big Sleep' entry. The Book's just as confusing in summation but a lot less entertaining.


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