Day 317

In high school, I would've balked at the idea of going to bed before midnight. Now, with a new office job paired with a fairly humid summer, bed before midnight is looking mighty inviting.

I stopped at Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea after work today. I'm really enjoying me job at Geneva, but it involves lots of mental gymnastics. I'm not used to that--wait, that sounded bad--I'm not used to that for extended periods of time, and in this context. So, I'm worn out.

So I'm at the coffee shop. I'm talking to my friend Megan and--just to get off of my feet before I walk home--I sit down on the couch. And then I wake up 40 minutes later, my shirt speckled with sweat, my hair swooping away from my scalp.

I'm necessarily getting up early. It's just that I think I need more sleep. My body is used to being on my feet all day doing semi-physical work, not sitting down and multi-tasking 10 things. Both are enjoyable and challenging, it's just the doing the latter is fairly new to me.

It's almost 11:40 p.m. My bed is calling, shouting into a bullhorn. Unlike the Jason in high school, I won't ignore it this time.

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