Day 151

This past week a friend lovingly pointed out a few quirks with my personality that, frankly, could pose some problems down the road. I'm not sure if 'quirk' or 'personality' are entirely apt, since it's fixable problem. And maybe problem isn't the right word either.

Whatever. And I'm glad they did. It was something I had feared about myself, but never was entirely sure what to do since no one ever said anything and I was too sheepish to ask. My friend's words acted as the second opinion that I need--wanted, for years wanting--and it was frankly hard to take. But I needed it.

And if the remainder of my week was any indication, it really helped. I wasn't even actively thinking about acting different (or being different, in reality), but I just felt happier. Genuinely happier. I won't sling around overly emotionalized "Jesus talk," but I really feel like God has shown me some things in the past week and started healing several festering wounds I've had in my heart for over a decade.

So I might be smiling more these days. I think it's going to last; not that I put on an act before when I was happy, but if I seem happy for "no reason," maybe I'm just happy to be happy!

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