Day 119-- on my new home (w/ color illustrations)

I've mentioned my new place before, but now I took some photos. Look out.

This is the entrance room. The door is basically right behind me (from where I took the picture, I mean). There are some awesome Yankee Candles right out of view that are, uh, awesome. See that door through the portal to the right? We'll go there in a minute. I realize that about 1/4 of what I brought when I moved were DVDs.

Next up is the 'living room,' or whatever. It used to be the dining room. But since three guys 25 and under live here, it's basically this big space for computers and things. See the Christmas tree that's looming on the left? Yeah, it's awesome. My computer is on the left, Fred's is on the right. My bookshelf is also on the left, next to the passage that leads to the entrance room. The kitchen is to the left, but...we're not going to go in there. I'm taking the picture from the bottom of the stairs.

This is the basement. We're not going to talk about the basement.

(There is a locked coal storage area from the '30s that none of us have ever opened. Ever.)

My cozy room. I need blinds or curtains for that window, so that's my goal for the next week. That's my "unread book" shelf, though I have around 50 more books stacked on the desk on the bottom right. That chair is VERY comfy too. Someone painted Psalms in white paint on the wall, which is interesting, especially since they capitalized random words (like "ANGEL"). At least they didn't paint "ANGLE."

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