Day 103

Christmas is nearly a week away. I have yet to finish (start) any gift-buying, decoration, and so on. Times flies, I hear, and I'm recalling some things that happened this past summer with clarity. This is an improvement, considering my fuzzy memory.

Russ and Bethany asked me to be part of their coffee shop venture on the ride back from the Reformed Presbyterian international conference at Calvin College. That was in--what--the summer of 2004? It's been two and half years since then. While I always maintained faith in their vision, I sometimes questioned my involvement. Now it's here. We've been open for over a week. It is still not really hitting me.

I'm also looking forward to playing house over the next few weeks. Fred, one of the two guys I live with, went home with his family today. Barney, the other guy (one of Fred's older brothers) is leaving on Wednesday. I'll be by myself for some time, and I'm going to have fun finding drapes/blinds for some of the windows, picture frames, cleaning things, straightening the whole house. And so on. Plus, I'm going to cook. A lot. At least in theory I am.

So, I'm even think about New Year's Eve. At this point, I'm mostly likely going to be hanging out by myself, the glow of the Christmas tree creeping up the wall and me reading or listening to soft music. And in all honestly, this sounds like a lot of fun to me.

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At 12:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That doesn't make you Wilma Flintstone...does it? jk:-)


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