Day 98-- favorite songs, part 1

I'm splitting it up into two parts because I'm tired! Sorry! I need to get to bed ASAP, so I'll be quick.

I'm listing five of my top ten favorite tunes. I encourage you to do the same. I'll post links to them when/where I can.

These are in no order, mind you, but I am counting down to give it some goofy dramatic effect:

10. "God Only Knows," the Beach Boys. Possibly the best pop song written? Some say it is, regardless, the best song off of one of the best albums of all time is a winner regardless. Carl Wilson's voice, the flugelhorn, the Phil Spector-aping's all untouchable. This sends shivers up my spine.
9. "And Your Bird Can Sing," the Beatles. John said this was a waste of a song. I think it's the band's most infectious rocker, and a blueprint for what most of my favorite bands would do in 20 or 30 years. The harmonized guitar lines are unbelievably cool. Even if you hate the Beatles (and I pity you if you do), you have to acknowledge those harmony vocals. (the video linked is pretty silly, but the song is still there).
8. "Stars," Hum. I can credit this song as one of the ones that got me into underground rock. I heard it once on the radio and it blew my face off. I still can't find my face. The cryptic chemistry-geek-in-love lyrics, the hyperdynamic verse/chorus dynamics, the overlapping layered guitars. Foooooosh. Hum took the best elements of shoegazer, math rock and space rock and splashed it together. Here's a live version from MTV in the mid-'90s. Note the (not) cool shorts. They also got away with blatantly making fun of Howard Stern to his face, which is a big thumbs up in their direction.
7. "Blue," the Jayhawks. Probably the song I sing along to the most. My dream is to cover this in BFC&TCo. with Charlie some day. The dual lead vocals and soft country rock instrumentation just makes my heart pound. I love it so much. The best part (and it's easily one of the greatest moments in music of the past 30 years) is the split vocal part that starts at 2:11. Hold me, someone, hold me.
6. "Sick of Myself," Matthew Sweet. Sweet's lyrics sometimes drive me nuts now, but they made a lot of sense to a self-loathing seventh grader. But maybe it's all tongue-in-cheek? That's my guess. Loud power pop anthems like this are my favorite type of music: huge slabs of chunky electric guitars during the chorus (and it's a HUGE chorus), the harmonized Sweets, ear-flaying guitar solos....solos! Richard Lloyd's guitar freakout is great, but the harmonics he peels over the final chorus at 2:24 (it's so slight and fast you might miss it) is the best moment of the song. And you can't forget the fake-outs! I've listened to this song easily--easily--400 times or more, and it still never gets old.

Most to come tomorrow!

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At 10:49 AM, Blogger Mrs. Ewer said...

I love "God Only Knows," but now I associate it with the opening sequence of Big Love -- that HBO show about polygamy.


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