Day 348-- the simple joys of Teenage Fanclub

Before I went to my church's evening worship service, I listened to a few Teenage Fanclub songs as I dressed. The Fannies (as they're lovingly called in their native Scotland) have always been one of my favorite bands since I discovered them around 1999.

They've always been a strong band--the three guitarists all write and sing lead on their own songs, and the rest of the band harmonizes like crazy. But as they grew from a loud, chaotic power pop band into a more earthy, soft-edged power pop outfit, they've grown lyrically in a way that I really appreciate.

That's not to say they were poor back in the early '90s--some of their songs are still incredible (the heartbreaking "Alcoholiday" comes to mind). But the middle-aged Fannies have gained a nuanced, simple poetic delivery that celebrates the simple joys in life: growing old with a spouse, walking through fields in the warm sun, enjoying life ("so much under the sun I should play for," as they put it). It's great when a group of guys can still write great, hook-filled power pop tracks that celebrate stuff like monogamy and nice chats and long strolls without falling symptom to the Eagles curse (aka become boring).

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