Day 347

Thanks to the autumn movie preview issue of Entertainment Weekly, I now have a lost of movies I want to see before the end of the year:

-3:10 to Yuma (Sept. 7)
-Eastern Promises (Sept. 14)
-The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (Sept. 21)
-Into the Wild (Sept. 21)
-The Kingdom (Sept. 28)
-Lust, Caution (Sept. 28)

-Sleuth (Oct. 12)
-The Darjeeling Limited (Oct. ?)

-American Gangster (Nov. 2)
-The Kite Runner (Nov. 2)
-No Country for Old Men (Nov. 9)

-Atonement (Dec. 7)
-Leatherheads (Dec. 7)
-I Am Legend (Dec. 14)
-There Will Be Blood (Dec. 26)

How many of these will I see in theaters? Probably less than five. But hey, it's good to be ambitious!

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