Day 305--endless stories

The feeling I get deep in my stomach when I realize there are but a few pages left in a good book...I hate that feeling. There's a small taste of victory as I'm able to put one more book on my "read" shelf, but it's eclipsed by the slight sadness that a great story--with great characters or beautiful prose--closes its final chapter.

Stephen King has an essay at the end of the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly; it's geared mostly toward the remorse he feels about the final chapter of the Harry Potter series that will be released in two weeks, but it's also about the remorse he feels when a great story is complete.

I think he's right when he says that for some fictional worlds, an ending--no matter how well-crafted it may be--is never good enough. I also think he's right when he says that the best stories don't have an ending. Taking that statement and putting it into a more theological framework, I wonder if he realizes how right he is.

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