Day 298-- favorite songs, the list

Now, this--this is hard. A friend and I challenged each other last night to make mix CDs for each other with our five favorite songs. I expanded my end to fill up the mix with as many songs fit.

This is hard for me. I tried the same thing three years ago and--I realize in hindsight--that it turned into a timeline of my musical growth more than anything else. (That mix had lots of favorites, sure, but it some ways.)

Now I get to try again. I need to seriously consider what it takes to be a favorite. Here's my list of criteria:

-I have to love it a lot.

Not a bad list. I think my favorite songs are all songs that just thinking about them makes me want to walk, run, drive to my CDs and find it and listen to it.

Let's see if I can build a list so far.

In no order:

-Matthew Sweet, "Sick of Myself"
-Matthew Sweet, "Girlfriend"
-Archers of Loaf, "Harnessed in Slums"
-Crooked Fingers, "Call to Love"
-Teenage Fanclub, "Alcoholiday"
-Hum, "Stars"
-Built to Spill, "Car"
-Pixies, "Letter to Memphis"
-Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, "Born to Run"
-Neil Young, "Like a Hurricane"
-the Bad Plus, "Lost of Love"
-John Coltrane, "My Favorite Things"
-the Beatles, "And Your Bird Can Sing"
-Big Star, "September Gurls"

There are a few '60s pop tunes that I know I must put on here, but I have to think long and hard about which ones. One of the biggest difficulties is confusing current favorites with songs that will last a long long time.

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