Day 330-- eight easy facts

(Title partially stolen from this album.)

Bryan tagged me to list eight 'random' and interesting facts about myself, then share the love.

1) People are used to always seeing me with a book tucked under my arm; this leads to the assumption that I'm a fast reader. I'm not. If I'm on a roll, I can get through (maybe) three books a month, short books too.

2) My goal is to have my beer card finished at the Backdoor Tavern by the end of the year, but if I try hard I might be able to finish it before the autumn. I have 48 done, 40 to go. If you don't know what I'm talking about, maybe we should leave it that way.

3) I have six or seven unread books that I (honestly) have no desire to read. I'm not sure why I got them; maybe it was because they were all well-regarded and over 700 pages (thus making me look smart when I finish). I'll probably read them anyway.

4) When the street sweeper drives by my window at night, I want to run out and commandeer it.

5) I own a stack of four very well-written books in a serious called "Howdunit?" They're written by experts in the fields of poison, private investigation, etc., and they're geared toward fiction writers that don't know much about that sort of stuff but want to be believable.

6) If they bottled alternative rock circa 1994, I'd buy a bunch.

7) I think video games have great potential as a way to tell stories.

8) I'm finally beating the sleep problem I developed five (or so) years ago. (I was never able to fall asleep until after 1 a.m.-ish.) The solution seems to be that if I just physically exhaust myself all of the time, I'll be tired enough by the time I should be in bed. It's working so far.

Since almost everyone I wanted to tag has been tagged already, I'll just tag Russ eight times. Or, if Gideon reads this, I tag him as well.

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