#31-- guide to the Internet, part one

Since I have lots of friends that haven't much swam/drown in the tumultuous waters of the Internet, I thought I'd post some tips and guidelines. I'll pay particular attention some of the language and slang tossed around on instant messengers and web forums, hopefully decoding it to a degree.

It's worth mentioning that any sort of social nuances that grace face-to-face conversation are usually absent in online conversations. You can't see body language, a major factor in how humans naturally communicate. You can read into language usage (I do), though it's not always accurate. One person typing a single "ha" might mean it as the equivalent to a hearty chuckle, while others might mean it as a patronizing potential conversation-ender. I usually take them as the latter. Maybe someone should make a guide for me.

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oh, might have to explain that one.


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