Underachievers, attack at your leisure. Hoist up your guitars and make them all believers.

Apologies in advance for some of these: one is overly serious, one is potty humor, and the rest are...something.

- Since "the Da Vinci Code" proved to be an incredibly popular book, publishers are trying to cash in on the craze. This explains all of the knock-off novels, from those with similar set-ups ("the Rule of Four") to ones that merely ape the title ("the Da Vinci Legacy," "the Van Gogh Conspiracy," "Michelangelo's Notebook"). This said, I've been working on some potential titles. If you ever spot one of these on the spine of a book, let me know so I can sue someone.
The Kuyper Caper
The Chuck Norris Manifesto
Pocahontas' Lexicon
The Kurosawa Cookbook
The Van Morrison Elaboration
The Raphael Cipher
Donatello's Possibly Cryptic Message (and now all four Ninja Turtle names have been used).

-There was a man I saw at the bookstore today. When I was growing up, his son and I were extremely close friends. By the time we reached our mid-teens, though, we didn't see much of each other, and both of us went in completely different directions (both ideologically and literally). Long story short, my friend died of a drug overdose about five years ago. I think his father is overwhelmed with grief whenever he sees me, memories engulfing him. I always feel like crying when I see my friend's father because I feel like I'm a painful catalyst, of sorts.

-Over the past few years, I've been tempted to put up an AIM away message that simply says, "Pooping," but I don't have the guts for it.

-I think one of the catchiest songs ever written is "Dixie." Too bad everyone associates it with hate, racism and hillbillies. Its popularity amongst the "South Will Rise Again" knuckleheads doesn't help either.

-Someone (jokingly) suggested they should make something called "Work: The Game." His idea was to set it in a traditional fantasy setting, and have it so the goal was keep tending your flocks and fields before dragons ate your village or marauding warriors set your crops on fire. Rinse and repeat. How about move it to a contemporary setting? Like, a game where you type stock reports, or ring up customers, or fax stuff for your boss. Good idea? Maybe?

- One of the biggest trends in the literary world: authors that normally write for grown-ups are writing kids' books. Examples: Carl Hiaasen, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Joyce Carol Oates, and maybe 20 other Big Names are trotting out books for children. Huh. Not to mention Madonna, Billy Joel and Paul McCartney all trying their musically-inclined hands at the picture book field. I guess they're doing this to get back at S.E. Hinton and Judy Blume for writing serious novels.

- I can't stop watching this. The nuances make it.

- It looks like Spring 2006 is going to be awesome for new album releases. Built to Spill's new one--You In Reverse--will be out in April. Uh...I don't know of any other ones off the top of my head, but I'm sure there'll be other good ones.

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At 2:18 PM, Blogger Erica said...

Mom and I are both sitting here cracking up over the "away message". hahhahaha. :-D

At 10:57 PM, Blogger mattreed said...

by the way, do have any thoughts about Jens Lekman?

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