I'm writing a screenplay. Well, I'm in the brainstorming portion. Sort of.

This is something I discussed with Mark Sanders. Mark is an incredibly gifted Geneva student; he's become the college's resident filmmaker over the past three years, for one, and has a deep appreciation and respect for the arts. Plus, he's become a film noir advocate.

So, I thought, why not take advantage work with Mark? I almost made a film my last year at Geneva--I story-boarded a few scenes, wrote some snappy bits of dialogue, started asking folks about casting choices. It all fell through, though, and a wonderful/terrible grade Z movie called Stefano surfaced in its place. Do NOT ask about this. Trust me.

I'd had also done a major research paper on book to film adaptations, and took an independent study course on turning short stories to screenplays. I wrote a weird little detective screenplay called "the Block that Doesn't Exist," the title gleaned from a certain song by the New Year.

Little known fact: people call me creative, but they're misinformed. I sometimes come up with little inspired bits, but can never tie them all together. A few sepia-toned images here, a few bits of conversation here...these do not a movie make. This goes for writing fiction, writing songs, et cetera. That might be why I like working with others, because I can rarely shoulder the tasks on my own.

But I've been batting around some ideas. I've been slowly constructing a story in my head the past few years: something about a recently deceased musician, a family trying to strike it rich with his (pilfered) songs, and a reporter who struggles with deciding whether to rat them out or not. Either that, or some gritty detective story that relies more on Mametish dialogue than gunplay. This'll be a doubtlessly be a short; I truthfully don't think I can write a feature screenplay at this point in my life, but the other reason is because--if the finished product ends up at least halfway decent--I want to twist Mark's arm into submitting it to the 2007 Film Fest.

If anyone is willing to shoot some ideas out, I'll see if they fly or not. I'm not entirely sure what I want as of now, but I have a good idea as to what I don't want.

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At 12:23 AM, Blogger lucas said...

i like the musician idea better.

if you want it to make a commentary on american culture, you could have the truth come out, only no one cares.

At 5:31 PM, Blogger Janet said...

What do you have so far? i'm excited about this... mainly because i'll get to watch it at film fest... and i'm sure i'll try and help out if it's wanted


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